Early readers & picture books. Lots of favorite characters! All are in great shape except for the Little Mermaid book (has a tear on the binding).
Random assortment of Duplos. There are a few mega blocks in there also but mostly duplos
Not your typical baby food! These recipes are great to develop your baby s taste buds and introduce different flavors. Amazing recipes and our baby loves all kinds of food now and it s not picky at all!
We learned a lot of amazing combinations, this one helped to step up our sandwich/panini game
Step up your game with this book and make more interesting and tasty salads
This set contains 3 hard back and 1 soft cover books: the lollipop fairy, cupcake fairy; and the Jellybeans stories. These adorable books are in excellent condition! PPU; cross posted.
These fun Huggly the Monster books are in good condition. Guaranteed to make you and your kids laugh! PPU; cross posted.
This set of 7 Splat the Cat books is in excellent condition! Contains two larger books and 5 smaller readers. PPU; cross posted.