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Lots of free cotton wood. Been drying almost a year. Some split but most in rounds. Grab your truck. Take some or all.
Free firewod
Do you need fuel for wood heat? Are you looking to buy firewood? Need logs for carving totem? wood benches, milling boards or?? We sell logs. FOR SALE ************** CALL: 425 432 3313 ******************** GET WINTER FIREWOOD IN BULK! SAVE MONEY! *** We are selling JUMBO SIZED LOADS- We have full log truck loads of long logs for sale, alder, hemlock, maple, pine and fir...
9-Aug-2017 Maple Valley, WA (20 miles) Real Estate for Sale
American Forest Lands Washington Logging Company, Provides firewood services. From Log Truck Loads for long logs-- delivered with self loader log truck long logger to 5/6 yard dump truck loads of short logs or rounds. * Quality mixed wood, alder, douglas fir, hemlock, madrone, cedar, pine maple + call for availability and delivery times. * We deliver direct to your horse pasture, ho...
9-Aug-2017 Maple Valley, WA (20 miles) Real Estate for Sale
A+ FIREWOOD FOR SALE, full dump truck loads or log truck loads delivered to private homeowner or wood yards. We deliver logs, you split cords for wood stove. CALL: 425-432-5004 or 1-8OO-564-2568 . * We haul logs to you * Use your own chainsaw, wood processor, splitter or tools to cut cordwood for burning wood heat. Slitting cords at your own pace! * Self Loader log Hauling logs. ...
9-Aug-2017 Tacoma, WA (17 miles) Household Items for Sale
425-432-5004 ... Selling nice clean logs, mixed species- FIREWOOD For Sale. Sell Wood? We got LOGS LOGS logs * Seasoned * Dry * Green * Fresh cut * Wool Sale Self loader log truck loads or Five/6 yard dump truck delivers to your mill site, private land in king county, barn or shop. Short logs dumped for you. Cut in your own free time. Call for price in your location and deliver times. CALL 425-...
31-Jul-2017 Ravensdale, WA (21 miles) Services
FIREWOOD SALES, We deliver Self Loader Logging Truck Loads. Logs for Sale Firewood fir hemlock alder maple. You split cords for burn wood go natural, heating home, shop, hunting. See logger video AmericanForestLands.com Logging Services, Property Clearing, Timber Harvesting, Washington, Graham, Pacific Northwest, Maple Valley, Black Diamond, .
29-Jul-2017 Puyallup, WA (7 miles) Buy and Sell
5$ a bundle OR $75 for it all
Selling full logging truck loads, big self loader truck can off-load at your property, business, shop, barn, house or pasture. CALL: 425-432--3313. * * LOGS LOGS! LOG LOADS * DUMP TRUCK LOADS * FIREWOOD Check out video of logs on self loader log truck! AmericanForestLands.com Xtra Large loads! 100% alder, hemlock, maple and fir. * Each log could vary a bit in diameter and length. * We load truc...
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With over 50 years in Timber- we understand the importance of providing quality work, providing top dollar for your standing timber, surrounding our company with good men all while keeping up with today's strict environmental standards. "We care about our forests, wildlife habitat, rivers, ocean, lakes and aquatic life- and reforestation and planting fresh seedlings after logging is just good, ...
15-Aug-2017 Puyallup, WA (7 miles) Buy and Sell
Box of wood scraps - not good for much except firewood/kindling. Please identify possible pick up day/time with response.
9-Aug-2017 Tacoma, WA (17 miles) Small Businesses Services
We are looking for standing timber western Washington and Puget Sound. Cash or percentage paid direct from local mills. Alder, Cedar, Spruce, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Veneer, Domestic & Export Markets- Reputable with vintage work ethics. Quality Forestry Services, Log Hauling, Self loading logging truck, pole truck. AMERICAN FOREST LANDS WASHINGTON LOGGING COMPANY, Watch logging video, Big ...
9-Aug-2017 Maple Valley, WA (20 miles) Transportation Jobs
We do log hauling in Western Washington, Self Loading Log Truck, drop axle big trucks, straight trucks and hauling telephone pole length timber! * Self Loader Log Hauling Timber * We know the top mills in Pacific Northwest that pay highest dollar for your Douglas fir, hemlock, cottonwood, pulp or export, cedar, spruce, pine, alder and maple logs. * Competitive rates 100% compliant usin...
9-Aug-2017 Maple Valley, WA (20 miles) Real Estate for Sale
Tree Logging Washington Forestland. We specialize in thinning tree farms, land clearing, road, selective logging, clear cuts, timber regeneration and reforestation. Need an estimate on your standing timber? CALL: (425)-432-5004 or (800)564-2568. * Log Hauling timber, Hauling poles, Self Loader, drop axle trucks. * Clear cutting for property developments * Buffers * Permitting * ...
10-Aug-2017 Tacoma, WA (17 miles) RVs for Sale
Nice off-road A-Frame trailer with a large front deck for a quad, motorcycle, or equipment! 2015 Aliner Evolution Rear Sofa Bed The Evolution, based on the larger chassis of its best-selling sister company, Somerset— meets the demands of extended stays off the grid. It offers a 35-gallon water tank, LED lighting, and versatile front and rear decks to carry everything from camp chairs, gas...
Do you need to move your logs? Need Self Loader Log Truck? We can get your logs to Western Washington mills, log yards or milling site. Log Hauling for tree service, construction company, private landowner, homeowner, tree farm. *** We offer Logging, Land Clearing, Road Building, Bucking and grading for highest scale and trucking for you. SEE LOGGING VIDEO, BIG TRUCKS AND TIMBER. www.AmericanFo...
9-Aug-2017 Tacoma, WA (17 miles) Items Wanted
253-381-0247 ... We at American Forest Lands Washington Logging Company provides quality forestry services and logging for private property owners in Pacific Northwest Washington. Getting you highest money for your standing timber! American Forest Lands WA Logging Co. OFFICE: 1-8OO-LOG ALOT (564-2568) or (253)-381-O247 SEE US @ americanforestlands.com like us on facebook, facebook.com/AmericanF...
Two wheel wheelbarrow. Plastic bucket has foot-foot long crack, so no liquids. But it can still haul a full load of firewood just fine.
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