Kaces 3 lll electric guitar bag. Has backpack straps, handles and outside pocket.
Hardly used Blue fender electric guitar and amp
ChromaCast guitar never used; $25 on Amazon
Learn guitar from a pro player in a convenient downtown Tacoma location. As your instructor my utmost goal is making sure your reach YOUR goals on guitar. Whether that is learning to play your favorite tunes writing your own becoming a solid rhythm player or a great improviser....I look forward to making you the player YOU wanna be.Every guitarist goes through ruts or has hit a brick wall in th...
Like new, mint condition Takamine EG334SC Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar for sale. Single owner, have had it for about 10 years. Rarely played, but nice guitar. I've got a twin of it that I play more often, which has some dings on it. I have always been overly precious about this guitar and tend to not use it to keep it pristine. Time for it to go to someone that will use and appr...

Wii Games

Wii Sports Resort - $20 Guitar Hero 3 (game only) - $10 Wii Play - $5
Black Epiphone Les Paul Standard. It s embarrassing how few marks are on this guy for how long it s been around. Very well tended to guitar that looks and sounds great. Paired with a Roland Cube 30x. This smaller amp packs a huge punch with a ton of different amp modes from jazz to full on death metal. Just in time for Christmas around the corner. Make a fair offer and I ll consider it. They ar...
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